Рок » T.B. Eighteen » Blood gives rise to heroes

Blood gives rise to heroes

He saved his country, but he wanted more
He won thousand battles, but he lost the war
His army is broken and soldiers are dead
But yesterday heroes will never forget

Saturday evening – it’s time for they lie
News are boring, tv-shows are sweet
It s not for you- don’t waist time
Take your place on the street

The truth is covered for security reasons
But our voice gradually rises
And soon nothing cant stop the heroes
Voice of the streets will never lies your

Let the blood run on your face
Let the blood run through the streets
Only blood gives rise to heroes
For the future victories

Yesterday heroes for tomorrow wars
This is your game, your rules and your score
You can broke the system, you can broke the night
Only shadows around, but you can see the light

You waited all week for this day
When you hear the siren-its time get away
They goes to the morgue & you can go home
You do not repent of what you have done

They call you a bastard, they call you a slayer
They active protest against murders & violence
But when spill the blood of innocent people
They voice of protest was a silence

My honor is loyalty, my blood is my pride
My hate it's my god-given right
I believe in my country, I believe in my friends
And we have a chance- so lets fight