Метал » Nokturnal Mortum » To the Gates Of Blasphemous Fire

To the Gates Of Blasphemous Fire

The day is (always) going away and (the) night covers the children
of coldness and darkness by it's screen. The frozen flame (in)
wrath tears the letters... The thirst is free and the rivers
of blood flow to the unknown. Death opens it's gates and the
victims fall down to its scarlet lake. The ancient cults of blood
that give the pleasure to the children of the nightmares and
cruel reality. The awesome castle stands where the flesh is worth
a life; the blood and the rage unleashed by the master of the
night inside. The star drops down its light through the gallow
loop, as nightflower grows in the appointed place. One who tasted
its bitterness will get immortality, and the master will dip
him into the stormy waters of blood and chaos. The moon drops
down the tears of light weeping for the great forests. Its gladness
is expressed in these drops of silence and paradoxical eminence.
Ancient master! Give the power to the children of nightmares
and take their gifts. And they'll come to your gates (that are)
widely opened for them...power, eminence, immortality, blood,
death and chaos. The castle! The great castle! The shelter for
the ones who eternally search and find chaos. In it those who
give the true history to the world and take the stillness from
it... We are on our road. The blood is flowing, the heaven is
on fire, we are awaited by chaos...to the gates of blasphemous