Percent Slavery - Outlaw Heroes Standing текст песни

History remains its evil way
In another lying book
In another TV show
Another preacher agitates
For another comfort chain
From deep centuries till today
Masonry invention for the jewish sake
In a dream of world domination
Our freedom just mistake
Globalization, financial control
All youth of a nation puts on a dole

Irredeemable debt
Worship golden calf
Religion, oil and their gas
It's just a tools to control us
Banking it's injustice
Conceived in a treason
Requirement in power
That's the only reason

Many years ago
They founded a disaster
Conspiracy to fill their greed
By ambitious master
Bringing pain and suffering
Created into state
Raised walls and borders
I think now it's too late
And nothing can anymore change
In ugly life for you and me
We can only live in percent slavery

We hate, hate your state
Hate the law that you create
We hate, hate your state
This is pride, that we can't hide
To be a strong, to be a white